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Paula Courtney
Product Founder, WisePlum

Leading from our Purpose

The hallmark of an authentic relationship is that of mutual service. IKEA Canada is walking the talk by investing in “Beautiful Possibilities” not only for customers and Canadians but the global citizen. Lauren MacDonald, Chief Marketing Officer, shares why IKEA leads the business through our purpose; to create a better everyday life for the many, and do so in a way that is affordable, sustainable, and respects human rights.


Lauren MacDonald
Chief Marketing Officer, IKEA Canada

When did Personalization Lose its Meaning?

Retailers are overwhelmed with a rapidly changing technology landscape where the latest buzzwords lead you on a tireless journey to understand what it all means. In just 5 short minutes, omNovos will share its perspective on the one 3-letter acronym that all retailers need to pay attention to and stop their customers from being led astray – the CDP.


Andrew Armstrong
Chief Customer Officer, omNovos

The Blended Commerce Imperative

Retail is alive and well in Canada. What has clearly emerged in the 2018 consumer study is the need for blended commerce. Retailers must be wherever the consumer wants to be - online, in-store, and/or mobile. Loyalty to a specific channel is evaporating and nimble retailers understand the need for providing a seamless experience. Paula Courtney, Product Founder, WisePlum, shares study results and insights followed by in-depth one-on-one discussions.


Paula Courtney
Product Founder, WisePlum


Peter Van Stolk


Richard Hill
Director of Marketing, Ace Hardware Canada

The Competition in Consumer Experiences

Retailers today are facing unconventional competitors as they recognize a new consumer generation who values experiences over things and access over ownership. Rochelle Ezekiel examines how brands can leverage marketing within the in-store experience and why tapping into your customer’s niche interests is the differentiator.


Rochelle Ezekiel
Senior Vice President, Customer Experience , Holt Renfrew

Decoding Digital Performance

With the continued rise of walled gardens and disconnected analytics, retailers are being presented with an endless list of new challenges. Matt Ramella will dive into a core question that’s increasingly top of mind for the industry, how to create the right digital experience that connects with consumers. Find out how retailers can overcome channel silos, benchmark a brand's digital health and create roadmaps that are proving to have big effects on business performance.


Matt Ramella
Managing Director, Reprise & Digital Partnerships, Reprise Canada

Build a Marketing Tech Stack that Powers Consumer Experience

Recently there has been an explosion of new customer technology but do you know which of these tools have the biggest impact for your customer and your business? Frederick Lecoq explains how you can elevate the consumer experience by designing and implementing the right marketing tech stack. Looking at five major trends, Frederick will help retailers of all sizes identify priorities and where to find compromise that fits the budget.


Frederick LeCoq
Chief Marketing Officer, Golf Town and Sporting Life



Disruptors - Knix

Launched in 2013, Joanna Griffiths' Knix sought to change the world of women's intimate apparel with a line of underwear designed to help women deal with "little leaks". Since that first successful crowdfunding launch, Knix has continued to reinvent the entire intimates category and made the fateful decision to move to an entirely DTC delivery model, leading to staggering growth across North America. Founder-to-Founder, Lisa Owen interviews Knix Founder and CEO, Joanna Griffiths as they take us through Knix's disruptive marketing innovations that drive the brand that empowers women to live unapologetically free.


Joanna Griffiths
Founder and CEO, Knix


Lisa Owen
Co-Founder and CEO, Rent frock Repeat

Disruptors - Influencers

Modern retail marketing means extending your brand identity into the hands of key, connected individuals who can demonstrate key brand attributes. Influencer marketing has undeniable reach, but how can retailers best harness its power, ability to target and reach? Join us for this fast paced panel featuring prominent Canadian influencers discussing their tradecraft, experiences working with brands and advice for retailers on how to work with key influencers to achieve their objectives.


Michael LeBlanc
Senior Retail Advisor, Retail Council of Canada


Jonathan Cavaliere
Founder & Creative Director, Mr. Cavaliere


Shannae Ingleton Smith

Disruptors - Simplii's Big Bet

Imagine separating from a major partner, rebranding your business and shutting down all your physical locations to transform into a purely digital business, effectively overnight. Mike Marks interviews Corby Fine who will share how the Simplii Financial team did just that. They’ll discuss why Gartner just reported that this big bet by Canadian bankers is paying off handsomely. Listen in and find out how Simplii Financial re-set the expectations of consumers while managing to acquire a whole new generation of digital banking customers.


Corby Fine
Vice President, Simplii Financial


Mike Marks
Head of Marketing, Adobe Canada

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Personalized Experiences vs Data Security

With consumers increasingly worried about misuse of their data retailers need to consider the balance of personalized online experiences with an environment of growing concern and regulation. As the competitive landscape for retailers now depends on the individual customer experience, full and actionable insights on the 360 degree view of the customer from online to offline--and even back to online will be the make or break moving in 2019 and beyond. Bring your lunch and join us!


Neil Sweeney
Founder and CEO, Freckle IoT and Killi

How to Build High Performance Marketing Databases

The marketing world is flooded with cheap and varying quality of consumer data. But when companies take on the challenge of properly collecting and harnessing first party data, the results are incredible. Retailers can increase foot traffic to their physical and online stores, and create ROI-boosting campaigns that crush sales targets. Bring your lunch and join us!


James Elenakis
President & Co-founder, Raange

The Road to Relevance: 5 Key Guiding Principles

Several research studies that tell us customers’ expectations for personalized communications and experiences are largely unmet. But, what can we as marketers and retailers do about it? This is exactly the question we sought to answer with a Canadian-specific research to dig the next level deeper. Based on the voice of the Canadian consumer, we’ll explore the key takeaways and a few simple steps you can take right away to get even closer to delivering the experience your customers expect.


Jo Allan
VP Customer Success, Relation1

Redefining the Role for Brick and Mortar

The evolving landscape of retail is causing excitement and optimism among those willing to embrace data and strategies to promote longevity for their brands. In this session, hear from retail veteran Samantha Yarwood and her experience redefining the role of stores in the customer journey, how to most effectively leverage consumer analytics, and both the business opportunities and consumer expectations of personalized experiences.


Sam Vise
President, RMS


Samantha Yarwood
Chief Innovation and Inspiration Officer, SHIFT Toronto

Digital Marketing: What is the Next Breakthrough

Chatbots, voice search, mobile, wearables, the internet of things and the continued growth of video are just a few of the major digital trends impacting the retail industry. Technology and consumer behaviors continue to evolve rapidly, making it difficult for even the most digitally-savvy retailers to keep up. Are you ready for these trends? We will walk through specific examples and actions retailers take now in order to prepare their organizations for the next digital marketing breakthrough.


Steve Buors
CEO and Co-Founder, Reshift Media


Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty

Loyalty programs are nothing new, but they are so much more than a punch card. Retailers share why their program suits their customers and why it is a critical tool in their strategic planning as an organization.


Rachel MacQueen
VP Marketing, AIR MILES Reward Program


Shawn Bloom
Vice President, CRM & Loyalty, Sobeys Inc.


Rob Shields
Co-Founder and CCO, Paymi


Shawn Stewart
Vice President, Loyalty and Customer Insights, Canadian Tire

A Proposed Federal Government Marketing to Children Bill Affects ALL Retailers & Vendors – Find out WHY!

While retailers and vendors primarily selling food might be more familiar, many reatilers don’t realize that Marketing to Children is legislation that would place restrictions on the marketing of “unhealthy” food and beverages to children under the age of 13. Think mints, chocolate or power drinks at the POS, an Easter theme with a bunny featured on a poster adjacent to any of these products – Bang! You are marketing to children, intentionally or not. It affects us all – find out how RCC is lobbying to limit these restrictions.


Andrew Telfer
VP, Health & Wellness and Industry Relations, Retail Council of Canada

How Digital Loyalty Is Fueling In-Store Retail

According to Oracle’s 2019 predictions for customer loyalty, retailers have invested big in digital loyalty, only to discover that customers don’t want to have numerous loyalty apps crowding their smartphones. Loyalty card wallets, and Stocard specifically, are helping retailers bridge the gap between digital advertising and in-store activity by providing deeper customer behaviour insights, including closed loop reporting, and enabling immediate loyalty sign-up.


Jesse Michael
Managing Director, North America, Stocard GmbH

Tradecraft of the Modern Retail Marketer

Join retail marketing veterans Trinh Tham and Michael LeBlanc as they explore together the state-of-the-nation of modern retail marketing. From thinking through the tech stack, understanding the relevance and the utility of everything from influencer marketing, digital marketing, mobile marketing, hyper-local marketing, AI, ML, AR, VR..and still keeping the customer as the centre of every decision and merchants aligned and engaged, Trinh and Michael will take you beyond a day-in-the-life and into the core of brand building as we head towards a new decade of retail transformation.


Trinh Tham
Vice President, Brand Strategy and Planning, Sobeys Inc.


Michael LeBlanc
Senior Retail Advisor, Retail Council of Canada

Is Alipay & Wechat Hype or Reality?

Find out why Alipay and WeChat are important new North American mobile marketing platforms to grow your brand in the Chinese community and drive significant incremental sales.


Chris Renton
chief Growth Officer, SnapPay

Sticky Branding: Build Your Brand from the Inside Out

Brands are built from the inside out, and our ever changing in a complex retail landscape. Jeremy Miller, bestselling author of “Sticky Branding” explores how companies can grow recognizable, memorable brands. He’ll dive deep in how you can get your customer to choose you first by providing value based connections.


Jeremy Miller
Brand Strategist, Sticky Branding

Closing Remarks


Sonny Brar
Vice-President, Member Relations & Education, Retail Council of Canada

Networking Reception