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Jeremy Miller
Brand Strategist, Sticky Branding

How are You Dealing with Disruption?


Jeremy Miller
Brand Strategist, Sticky Branding

True Story of Value Beyond the Sale

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The Store as Media in Modern Retail

Retailers who have expanded from clicks to bricks have trailblazed a new role for brick and mortar. Both retail and national brands have made big splashes with exciting concept stores and pop up locations much to the delight of the consumer and their social media followers. Retailers discuss the success and challenges of this philosophy and this new customer path to purchase.

When Harry meets Munro: The Ultimate in Self-Expression

Courting a new customer comes with a new pool of challenges with a consumer generation that is discovering brand via pathways that didn’t exist even 10 years ago. In this case study Harry Rosen is courting customers with an enticing new partnership in custom suiting with Atelier Munro Amsterdam. Harry Rosen wants Canadians to know custom clothing doesn’t have to be a rarefied luxury and is the ultimate in self-expression. Discover how this unique partnership is building new relationships and keeping the romance alive.


Trinh Tham
Harry Rosen, Chief Marketing Officer


Retail in Focus: Concurrent Sessions

Lunch and Networking

Retail in Focus: Concurrent Sessions


Story First Content Generation

It is time to rethink your approach to your content marketing strategy and focus on your customers and making them the driver of the narrative. What are the new tools, philosophies and strategies that can carry your story seamlessly across relevant platforms? Discover how to capitalize on digital-first content with a story line that keeps customers excited and engaged.

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Function vs Brand: Marketing Department of the Future

The unification of clicks and bricks and the surge of data touch points is reformulating the critical roles required in retail marketing departments across Canada. What was once a conversation of silos vs skills duplication is now a discussion about talent and skills required to work smarter not harder with the newfound data.


Michelle Read-Kulig
Director, Digital Marketing & Loyalty, Pizza Pizza


Alan C. Middleton
Executive Director, Schulich Executive Education Centre, York University

Beyond Points and Promotions: The Enterprise Value of Customer and Loyalty

Loyalty programs have been stuck in a transactional relationship with customers.  Mountains of data has been collected with rising expectations by customers for a better value exchange for their information.  How do we continue to prove the importance of loyalty? When does your loyalty program become the complete source of knowledge for what to do next? Learn about Canadian Tire’s loyalty re-invention with Triangle Rewards and how loyalty, customer data and insights are being used to shape the future of the customer-led experience at CTC. 


Shawn Stewart
Vice President, Loyalty and Customer Insights, Canadian Tire

Networking Reception

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